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Communication accessories

Communication accessories

Product Parameters:
1. High current density. The wires of a planar transformer are actually some planar conductors and thus have a high current density.
2. High efficiency. The efficiency can reach 98%-99%.
3. Low leakage. About 0.2% of the primary inductance
4. Good heat transfer. The hot aisle distance is short and the temperature rise is low.
5.Low EMI radiation. Good core shielding reduces radiation to a low level
6. Small size. The use of a small magnetic core can reduce the volume accordingly.
7.The parameters are reproducible. Since the winding structure is fixed and pre-machined, the parameters are stable.
8.The working frequency range is wide. The frequency can be from 50kHz to 2MHz.
9. Wide operating temperature range. Operating temperature is -40 ° C -130 ° C
10.Insulation is good, the planar transformer is composed of conductive circuit and insulating sheet overlapping each other, so as to ensure insulation isolation between the windings, between the initial primary and the second level.