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PCT INDUSTRIES LTD., the world's leading manufacturer of planar transformers and traditional transformers, proudly introduces our breakthrough technology innovation PCT planar transformers.

PCT planar technology introduces new concepts of magnetic components into the world of high frequency and high efficiency switching power supply (SMPS) design.

PCT planar transformers and inductors are significantly different from conventional electromagnetic components because they typically do not use enamelled wires but use copper foil, copper or flat copper coils, and provide interlayer insulation from epoxy, polyester, fiber paper, and the like. The pre-formed copper windings can be twisted or connected in parallel to meet customer requirements, and the transformers can be combined quickly and easily using prefabricated circuit boards or copper-plate designs.

The PCT AC line power transformer uses a special high-insulation patented structure to meet stringent requirements for creepage distances and clearance distances in accordance with UL, IEC, and VDE standards. The sandwich structure greatly improves the coupling of the primary and secondary and significantly reduces the parasitic leakage inductance, which greatly simplifies the power supply design.

The good fixed design greatly improves the accuracy of the calculation, which is impossible to achieve with the traditional winding method. Our catalogue shows the most popular custom transformer and inductor parameters, from T14 to T5000, and there are also some ready-made products to choose from. Our experienced team can design a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers.

PCT. A worldwide marketing network to promote our technology and products in communications, automotive, industrial, electronics, military, aerospace and many other fields.
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PCT's cutting-edge technology offers unique and innovative solutions to our customers, including the following advantages:

• Ultra-wide operating frequency range (50kHz~3MHz).

• Significantly reduced size and weight (approximately 5 grams per 100 watts).

• Particularly efficient (typically 98-99%).

• Parameter consistency is unparalleled.

• Ultra low leakage (no air gap core below 0.2%).

• Cost-effective and competitive advantage.

• Minimum electromagnetic interference (EMI).

• Wide operating temperature range (typically -40 ° C to +130 ° C / 150 ° C).

• High power density (5W-25kW per device).

• Primary and secondary high insulation (4kV above).

• The creepage distance and gap distance between the primary and secondary are large, 6-16mm.

• Suitable for all switching power supply configurations.

• A variety of mounting and wiring options (horizontal, vertical, through holes, surface mounts, pins, fly, etc.). • Specially designed heat sink frame.


Component-system, electrical insulation

Class B 130°C

Class F 155°C

Class H 180°C

Components - Transformers


ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015

IATF 16949: 2016